Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

Can you recall the days when caring about your skin was only about rinsing, toning, and moisturizing? For the vast majority of earth’s inhabitants who are into skincare, it’s not that simple anymore. These days, it’s absolutely normal to follow complicated step-by-step routines, and using a needle-roller to open the pores on one’s face is somehow deemed normal. What’s more, some people believe you don’t even have to visit a skincare clinic to get top-notch results. 


On a planet where we can pay bills with our phones, machines scan our groceries, and trains go at several hundred kilometers per hour, it is only to be expected that technology would turn the beauty industry upside down a well. 

Introducing: The Foreo UFO device

A particularly interesting piece of technology is catching people’s attention at the time. This new invention uses a LED light therapy, cryotherapy, and more to care for their skin on a high level. People will be able to use this coming tool in the mornings and evenings, and they only have to attach this mask to their faces. 


If you Google this device, you will see that it appears to be a special headpiece that enables you to shoot lasers out from your eyes. In truth, though, it consists of a set of 72 LED lights that are made to even out and sometimes even remove wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. The device almost magically tightens the skin around your eyes by increasing the production of collagen. 

Are beauty clinics necessary anymore? 

The new technology that is being made is astounding experts and customers from around the world. Innovation companies claim that these new tools will make people able to get at-home treatments that will make beauty clinics like skincare salons superfluous. 


The opposite is likely to be true, however. Because of the costs of all these devices, and the ever-increasing complexity of the beauty industry, clinics might even play a more important role than they did in the past when things were simpler. Clients at modern skincare salons are saying that with all this new technology, they are becoming confused about what kind of treatments will actually work for them, and whether there are any drawbacks. 


We interviewed several loyal customers of skincare salons in the UK, Norway, and Germany, to find out what they were thinking about the recent developments in the beauty industry. According to one lady customer at Follo Beauty Clinic in Norway, “I think it’s all over the top. With everything changing all the time – even how to simply get smooth skin! – I’m glad that I have professionals to go to at Hudpleie Kolbotn (a local skincare clinic in Kolbotn, near Oslo).” 


As with any other industry, more technology often brings more confusion, and in this sense, beauty clinics can provide a safe haven where people can get the treatment that is best for them, without having to worry much about all the possible solutions that are out there. 

Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

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