How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

As a result of modernization, large changes have taken place in the dental industry. People are feeling safer when going to the dentist, their teeth are taken care of in a better way, and dentists now have tools that they couldn’t have imagined many years ago. 


In particular, Norway presents a striking example of the kind of development we are seeing. The country has become a leader in modern dentistry, and in this article, we will look at some of the reasons as to how this has happened. 


The Customer in Focus

Many Norwegian dental clinics operate with a “customer-first” attitude, which means that they help their clients with all factors regarding treatment. With just a short phone call, the client may schedule an appointment with their dentist, meeting no one else than certified dentists, nurses, and doctors during their stay. A lot of them have a unique specialization which no one else in the building has, and they are happy to give answers to anything the client is wondering about. 


Putting the customer in focus pays off. Tannlegene Prestegaard & Ådalen, one of the most widely used Tannlege Sarpsborg, often receive enthusiastic feedback from their customers who are commending their effectiveness, pain-free treatment, and fair prices. 


Extremely competent and good! Took care of my tooth problem immediately, and fixed it in 1 day! Thank you ? And the prices are very, very good. Here you can go to the dentist without becoming poor after the treatment! I recommend it heartily! 


Emphasis on High Quality Dentistry

Dental clinics in Norway know that the equipment they use will have a big impact on the quality of their work, and are spending millions of kroner to get the best tools that are available. 


But high-quality dentistry doesn’t only come from having good, modern equipment; it comes from recruiting a team of professionals who are dedicated to excellence. Dental education takes five years, and for those who want to specialize in, for example, odontology (the study of teeth), further education is required. 


In most Norwegian clinics you’ll find specialists in oral surgery, prosthetics, and periodontics. All dentists are required to be authorized, and most clinics are ISO certified, which means they are working actively to meet the demands and expectations of quality and customer satisfaction. 


Fair Prices

Providing high-quality dental care at a good price is a major focus in clinics all across Norway. Clinics are noticing that if they keep their prices too high in relation to their competition, customers start leaving in favor of other clinics who are charging a more reasonable price. Money is of concern in any industry, also when it comes to our teeth. 

How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

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