Data, Data, and More Data: A Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist

The word “environmental scientist” connotes a job that is quite inaccessible to most people; one that is hard to understand, even impossible for some. But what is actually an environmental scientist? What qualifications and requirements are needed for their job? And what does a day in the life of an environmental scientist consist of? We […]

Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

Can you recall the days when caring about your skin was only about rinsing, toning, and moisturizing? For the vast majority of earth’s inhabitants who are into skincare, it’s not that simple anymore. These days, it’s absolutely normal to follow complicated step-by-step routines, and using a needle-roller to open the pores on one’s face is […]

How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

As a result of modernization, large changes have taken place in the dental industry. People are feeling safer when going to the dentist, their teeth are taken care of in a better way, and dentists now have tools that they couldn’t have imagined many years ago.    In particular, Norway presents a striking example of […]

Some Facts About Science That Will Blow Your Mind

Science is something that actually explains almost everything about our known universe. There are some facts about signs that will actually blow your mind. I will be discussing some of these facts, in this article. Science is something that not a lot of people understand, but the majority of people actually try to comprehend. Some […]

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