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World Biomaterials Congress is here to introduce you to the world of unlimited potential and energy.



The launch of various innovative technologies helps in the development of wearable prospects for the medical sector.


Remote caring services are being promoted all across the globe these days to prevent the spread of diseases.


With the exponentially rising population, the world needs to push the boundaries with such medical innovations.


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Medicine has been improving its applications over the years, and such projects contribute heavily to the results.


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Health & Welfare

Nothing else matters to us more than your welfare. Every new meeting opens doors to a better healthcare system.

Health Care

We handle multiple departments in the healthcare sector to synergize the systems for better coordination.

Social Benefits

Technologies update the overall working culture, and society has indeed benefitted from every innovation in medicine.


Scientific Development

Burgeoning ideas are fed with the right boosters to develop the potential of science in transcending time.


Every step we take towards a better world is powered by innovative enterprises hosted by different teams.


Higher efficiency is achieved through the various stages in the establishment of a robust medical system.


The scope for studies and research is expanding with time to incorporate more features for better healthcare.



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Data, Data, and More Data: A Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist

Data, Data, and More Data: A Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist

The word “environmental scientist” connotes a job that is quite inaccessible to most people; one that is hard to understand, even impossible for some. But what is actually an environmental scientist? What qualifications and requirements are needed for their job? And what does a day in the life of an environmental scientist consist of?

We are sure that, by getting the answers to these questions, it will be all the easier for us to start feeling that this field of work is actually quite accessible and possible to understand.

What is an Environmental Scientist?

An environmental scientist is a professional who studies the environment and focuses on studying the natural environment and how it reacts to changes in the environment. They study the factors that affect our air, water, soil, and even climate.

Environmental scientists can work for any type of company that deals with the natural world, such as agriculture or mining companies. Environmental scientists also work for governmental bodies like national parks or environmental protection agencies.

Environmental Scientists’ Qualifications And Requirements

In order to officially become an Environmental Scientist, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, Geology, or a related field. In some cases, you might be able to get a job with just a high school diploma if you have on-the-job training.

Environmental scientists usually need to have about seven years of practical experience before they can begin their degree program. They may also need to attend graduate school if they wish to specialize in the field.

The most important qualification is having a lot of patience and persistence because it takes time for researchers to see results from studies conducted on the environment. This is not an easy job because it requires working with people who oppose your views on environmentalism all the time.

Sneak Peek Into a Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist 

Environmental scientists need to be prepared for a variety of tasks and they need to be flexible enough to change with the changing needs of their clients. They also need to work within tight deadlines. They may have to do fieldwork, which involves a lot of manual labor and traveling, and they may have to be knowledgeable about all types of animals and plants.

The day can start with any number of phone calls or emails from an environmental scientist’s boss requesting them to find out the impact that new developments will have on an endangered species. After determining the extent of the problem, they might come up with an alternative solution such as moving the endangered animal away from this development site as opposed to killing it off completely.

Why Is the Work That Environmental Scientists Do Important?

The work of environmental scientists is important because they are the ones who study the natural environment and its impact on human beings. They can also assess the pollution levels in a certain area as well as the effects of climate change.

Environmental scientists work in research and development, policy, education, conservation, and business sectors to promote sustainability. They don’t just study the environment but they also come up with solutions for its problems, which is why their work is so important, not just to the environment and animals, but also to us humans.

Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

Technology is turning the beauty industry upside down

Can you recall the days when caring about your skin was only about rinsing, toning, and moisturizing? For the vast majority of earth’s inhabitants who are into skincare, it’s not that simple anymore. These days, it’s absolutely normal to follow complicated step-by-step routines, and using a needle-roller to open the pores on one’s face is somehow deemed normal. What’s more, some people believe you don’t even have to visit a skincare clinic to get top-notch results. 


On a planet where we can pay bills with our phones, machines scan our groceries, and trains go at several hundred kilometers per hour, it is only to be expected that technology would turn the beauty industry upside down a well. 

Introducing: The Foreo UFO device

A particularly interesting piece of technology is catching people’s attention at the time. This new invention uses a LED light therapy, cryotherapy, and more to care for their skin on a high level. People will be able to use this coming tool in the mornings and evenings, and they only have to attach this mask to their faces. 


If you Google this device, you will see that it appears to be a special headpiece that enables you to shoot lasers out from your eyes. In truth, though, it consists of a set of 72 LED lights that are made to even out and sometimes even remove wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. The device almost magically tightens the skin around your eyes by increasing the production of collagen. 

Are beauty clinics necessary anymore? 

The new technology that is being made is astounding experts and customers from around the world. Innovation companies claim that these new tools will make people able to get at-home treatments that will make beauty clinics like skincare salons superfluous. 


The opposite is likely to be true, however. Because of the costs of all these devices, and the ever-increasing complexity of the beauty industry, clinics might even play a more important role than they did in the past when things were simpler. Clients at modern skincare salons are saying that with all this new technology, they are becoming confused about what kind of treatments will actually work for them, and whether there are any drawbacks. 


We interviewed several loyal customers of skincare salons in the UK, Norway, and Germany, to find out what they were thinking about the recent developments in the beauty industry. According to one lady customer at Follo Beauty Clinic in Norway, “I think it’s all over the top. With everything changing all the time – even how to simply get smooth skin! – I’m glad that I have professionals to go to at Hudpleie Kolbotn (a local skincare clinic in Kolbotn, near Oslo).” 


As with any other industry, more technology often brings more confusion, and in this sense, beauty clinics can provide a safe haven where people can get the treatment that is best for them, without having to worry much about all the possible solutions that are out there. 

How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

How Norway is leading the way in modern dentistry

As a result of modernization, large changes have taken place in the dental industry. People are feeling safer when going to the dentist, their teeth are taken care of in a better way, and dentists now have tools that they couldn’t have imagined many years ago. 


In particular, Norway presents a striking example of the kind of development we are seeing. The country has become a leader in modern dentistry, and in this article, we will look at some of the reasons as to how this has happened. 


The Customer in Focus

Many Norwegian dental clinics operate with a “customer-first” attitude, which means that they help their clients with all factors regarding treatment. With just a short phone call, the client may schedule an appointment with their dentist, meeting no one else than certified dentists, nurses, and doctors during their stay. A lot of them have a unique specialization which no one else in the building has, and they are happy to give answers to anything the client is wondering about. 


Putting the customer in focus pays off. Tannlegene Prestegaard & Ådalen, one of the most widely used Tannlege Sarpsborg, often receive enthusiastic feedback from their customers who are commending their effectiveness, pain-free treatment, and fair prices. 


Extremely competent and good! Took care of my tooth problem immediately, and fixed it in 1 day! Thank you ? And the prices are very, very good. Here you can go to the dentist without becoming poor after the treatment! I recommend it heartily! 


Emphasis on High Quality Dentistry

Dental clinics in Norway know that the equipment they use will have a big impact on the quality of their work, and are spending millions of kroner to get the best tools that are available. 


But high-quality dentistry doesn’t only come from having good, modern equipment; it comes from recruiting a team of professionals who are dedicated to excellence. Dental education takes five years, and for those who want to specialize in, for example, odontology (the study of teeth), further education is required. 


In most Norwegian clinics you’ll find specialists in oral surgery, prosthetics, and periodontics. All dentists are required to be authorized, and most clinics are ISO certified, which means they are working actively to meet the demands and expectations of quality and customer satisfaction. 


Fair Prices

Providing high-quality dental care at a good price is a major focus in clinics all across Norway. Clinics are noticing that if they keep their prices too high in relation to their competition, customers start leaving in favor of other clinics who are charging a more reasonable price. Money is of concern in any industry, also when it comes to our teeth. 

Some Very Surprising Facts About Health


With so many new reports and studies being released every single day, it can actually be hard to keep track of what is real and new in the world of wellness and health. But, there are some things that will always stay stable and true. In order to help us gain true knowledge about health and fitness, I have devised an article that will actually have some very inspiring and surprising facts about health and fitness, which you should definitely try and follow. These facts are very helpful, and they will actually get you into a nice routine, fitness-wise.


  1. You should definitely drink something hot to cool down. The conventional wisdom may actually tell you that if you are feeling hot, drinking something cold will cool down your body. But, a lot of research has actually shown that a hot drink on a hot day can help your body stay cooler. The reason being that when you drink a hot drink, the body tends to produce sweat to cool down the temperature of your body. Initially, you may be adding on some heat by hot liquids, but the amount of sweat that your body produces to cool down will actually end up calling you down faster.
  2. Your sweat is actually mostly made up of water, and that is why, when you work out, you sweat, and when you sweat, a lot of people recommend that you drink water. When you sweat a lot, you will be dehydrated. You need to rehydrate yourself.
  3. The human jaw can actually close the teeth with a force greater than 200 pounds.
  4. You should also know that the jaw muscle is one of the strongest muscles in your entire body.
  5. Did you know that you can actually physically see high cholesterol?
  6. If you are feeling tired, exercise can actually help. The best thing to do when you are feeling tired is actually exercise. Studies have shown that the blood and the flow of oxygen through your entire body will actually improve your mood and give you more energy because it will increase your endorphin levels. It will continue to make you feel better.
  7. Cold temperatures can actually be a little better for your health. Cold temperatures may actually help you reduce allergies and inflammation as well.
  8. Bananas are an amazing fruit that will actually help you improve your mood. A banana has approximately 30% of the recommended intake of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 actually helps our brain produce serotonin which is also considered to be a mood stabiliser. Serotonin impacts our motor skills and our emotions. Eating a banana can actually help you relieve depression and anxiety as well.
  9. Optimism is something that results in a 40% lower risk of heart disease. Live your life optimistically.

Some Facts About Science That Will Blow Your Mind


Science is something that actually explains almost everything about our known universe. There are some facts about signs that will actually blow your mind. I will be discussing some of these facts, in this article.

Science is something that not a lot of people understand, but the majority of people actually try to comprehend. Some of the most famous scientist in life actually gave us the solutions to some of the most famous unanswered questions in the entire world. Because of them, we actually have answers to so many things that we were clueless about.

famous scientist

    1. The Eiffel tower can actually grow 15 cm taller during the summer because it is made of metal. When a substance is heated up, the particles actually move, and it takes up a larger volume. This is known as thermal expansion. That is why the size of the Eiffel tower actually changes during the summer. The same thing happens to the Statue of Liberty as well.
    2. Almost 20% of the earth’s oxygen is produced by the wonderful Amazonian rainforests. Our atmosphere is roughly made up of 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen. More than 99% of it comes from the Amazonian rainforests. The vast majority of all kinds of living organisms on earth need oxygen to survive, and converting it into carbon dioxide is what they do every single second. Plants continuously replenish our oxygen levels with the help of photosynthesis. During this process, carbon dioxide and water are converted into energy, also releasing oxygen as a byproduct. Covering more than 5,500,000 km², the Amazonian rainforest contributes a significant portion of the earth’s oxygen by absorbing large quantities of carbon dioxide at the same time. That is why, we should strive to preserve forests and trees, because they literally give us what we need to survive.
    3. There are some metals that are so reactive that they explode in contact with water. Certain metals like potassium, lithium, sodium, are really reactive that they oxidise instantly when they are exposed to air. They can even produce explosions when they are dropped in water.
    4. Even a teaspoonful of a neutron star would be weighing more than 6000,000,000 tons. A neutron star is actually the remnants of a massive star that has actually run out of fuel and is no longer putting out energy. This dying star explodes into a supernova while the car actually collapses in on itself because of gravity. This forms a super-dense neutron star.

  1. Every year, Hawaii moved 7.5 cm closer to Alaska. The earth’s crust always keeps moving and is in constant motion. This is how you explain the breaking up of Pangaea.
  2. In approximately 2.3 billion years, it will actually be too hot for life to exist on the earth, because the sun will continue to get aggressively hotter and brighter as well.
  3. It takes around eight minutes and 20 seconds for light to reach the earth from the sun.
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